Monday, February 26, 2007

3rd Annual Teen Poetry Contest

Hurry to submit your favorite original poems to the library's 3rd annual Teen Poetry Contest. You can participate if you are in middle or high school and live in or attend school in Andover. Entries must be received by Sunday, March 25, 2007. For more information visit

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Harry, we love you!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be published on July 21, 2007. We are beside ourselves with joy, horror, and anticipation! Word on the street is that 2 of the main characters are going to perish! Oh, please, not Harry!!! Tell us, do you think Snape is evil or good? We'll have lots of Potter programs to get us through the months until July!

Loco for Cocoa & Love is a 4-Letter Word

Are you loco for cocoa? If you love chocolate you'll want to stop by the Teen Room on Tuesday, February 6, from 4-5pm. We're going to do some chocolate taste tests. Yum! You'll be blindfolded and will have to tell us what kind of chocolate you're eating. Get them all right and you're eligible to win a prize. Get them wrong... you won't win a prize, but you'll have stuffed your face with chocolate.

Love is a 4-Letter. You are welcome to join us on Tuesday, February 13, from 4-5pm, whether you love Valentine's Day or want Cupid to die. We'll do some fun crafts and eat some good food. Don't miss it!

I Love Surprises!

Don't you love it when someone helps you out without being asked? I do! It's such a great surprise. :) That's just what happened when I logged in today to work on the blog and found that my colleague Dean had already posted the new "Green Pages" links. So, thanks Dean!